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Announcing The Complete Developer Podcast

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. Life got really busy back in July and I finally realized I was a bit over-committed and had to scale back for a bit. During the down time, I’ve been re-evaluating my business and trying to determine what things I want to continue doing. Blogging is definitely one of the things I plan to continue, but I needed to get some other things handled. I’ve thinking a lot about the direction in which I want to take my career as well, and I realized I was doing a lot of stuff that really isn’t what I want to do. However, that thought process also revealed a number of things that I DO want to do that will help my career go in the correct direction.

One of the things I want to start doing is a lot more writing and creative stuff. I want to seek out a bit more passive income, not to replace my main income, but more as a diversification strategy. That’s simple enough, I suppose, but the execution is the tricky part that I haven’t completely figured out yet. However, one thing did jump out at me, and that’s the fact that I do want to start podcasting regularly (and being a little more disciplined about regular blog posts as well). I also want to get into video blogging a bit, but I’m not quite sure how to pull that off..yet. I have some things I think would be interesting to share.

So, this is the official announcement. My friend, BJ Burns (his real name is Burton, but even his mama didn’t call him that when he was in trouble) and I are starting a podcast called “The Complete Developer Podcast”. In this podcast, we’ll be covering BJ’s learning experiences as we slowly mold him into a professional software developer, while discussing some of the things I’ve encountered as a senior software developer and business owner. We’ll be centering most of the discussion around the non-coding stuff that a developer needs to know in order to truly look and be professional, but we’re unlikely to avoid getting into some coding topics as well. We will try to keep most of the code discussions language and platform-agnostic, however, as the goal is to help developers regardless of what platform they use.

Click the link below to check it out.

The Complete Developer Podcast