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The Trouble With ORMs

Object-relational mappers (hereafter called ORMs) are used to provide a way for one to map an object in an object-oriented language to a table or set of tables in a (usually) relational database. On the Microsoft stack, they’ve become so popular as to be nearly ubiquitous. They do have their detractors, including people that have developed their own, such as Rob Conery, who developed TWO ORMs (Massive and Subsonic). That said, they do often make the earlier phases of a project much easier, by allowing developers to abstract away the pain of relational data access. This is frequently helpful in the early phases of a project because developers are moving quickly and breaking things while trying to quickly iterate over a design. That said, I find that the way ORMs are frequently used is often rather unhelpful as a project matures (and possibly rather unhelpful in the early phases as well).