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A Late Post With Good Reason

I normally try to get a blog post out every Tuesday, and sometimes on Thursday, based on my workload. This past week though, I totally dropped the ball. On Thursday of last week, we were supposed to sign the paperwork to sell our house at 9:30 in the morning, and sign paperwork to buy a new house at 12:30 in the afternoon. We then would have until Saturday night to get everything moved, and I would (of course), have working internet within a day or so of the move-in.

A Very Special Birthday

I don’t normally post on Fridays, but I’m doing so today in honor of a very special birthday. Today, my paternal grandfather would have turned 100 years old had cancer not taken him from us 21 years ago, and as I’ve reflected on things he taught me so many years ago, I realized that perhaps the best way to memorialize that would be to share some things. I’m writing a bit freeform, so I hope this doesn’t turn into a eulogy (I can’t do the man justice).