Gant Software Systems

A Late Post With Good Reason

I normally try to get a blog post out every Tuesday, and sometimes on Thursday, based on my workload. This past week though, I totally dropped the ball. On Thursday of last week, we were supposed to sign the paperwork to sell our house at 9:30 in the morning, and sign paperwork to buy a new house at 12:30 in the afternoon. We then would have until Saturday night to get everything moved, and I would (of course), have working internet within a day or so of the move-in.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, optimism is great for keeping a good mood. It’s terrible for planning. The first hint of things to come happened late Wednesday, as I found out that the earlier signing was to be pushed back to 10:30 or so. I awakened the next morning to a message indicating that we were now on standby and the call could come at any time. It eventually got pushed back to 2:00, which mean that our second signing (a little over an hour away) was well after 4:00. This meant not being able to really do much moving or packing on Thursday, which cascaded into a much longer and more stressful day on Friday when the professional movers came by, and an even longer day on Saturday, trying to get the old house completely empty and clean in time. As it was, we barely made it and only did so through extensive help from friends and from just moving everything into the garage at the new place. Further, the shift also knocked us off course as far as getting utilities working, so though we spent the night in the new place on Friday, we didn’t have hot water until Tuesday night, working internet or phone until Wednesday night, and can’t find most anything. I still don’t have wiring going to my desk, or any number of other places it is needed.

However, we’re now in a much better house and I have a new office that is more than sufficient for my needs, as well as a separate room for servers and other loud, blinky equipment. The blog isn’t dead, but I had to work around some issues before I could get back to it.

Sometimes, crap just happens and you have to deal with it. Such is life.